The Royal Government on the Swedish border control

The Royal Government officially denounce the border control between Sweden and Denmark. During the governmental meeting on November 3rd, the Minister-President officially declared the Archduchy of Mimas’ stance towards the border control between Denmark and Sweden. ”The border control not only bring us 40 year back in time and slows down diplomatic and humanitarian progress,Fortsätt läsa ”The Royal Government on the Swedish border control”

We mourn H.M King Rama IX

It was with great sorrow we received the message of King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s passing. We remember him for his calming position in a nation that has moved close to the brink of chaos more than once. The people of Thailand mourn their beloved king and his death will undoubtedly leave a hole in the spirit ofFortsätt läsa ”We mourn H.M King Rama IX”

St Thora 2015 Laureate

St Thora 2015 Laureate is…   H.E First Consul Clém Sanders of the Consulat of Surland   He is now a knight of the St. Thora Order and will be part of the Board of Knights which elects future laureates and creates legislation on Human Rights. The full documents: STPrize2015 STOrder2015 Signed: His Royal Highness ArchdukeFortsätt läsa ”St Thora 2015 Laureate”

The Archduke’s Speech 2015-11-03

In wishing you all ‘good evening’ I feel that I am speaking to close friends and family. Such is the role as Head of State – family with all of you. As you might know I have dedicated what power I might have to make our nation a more open minded nation. A nation whereFortsätt läsa ”The Archduke’s Speech 2015-11-03”

The Royal Mimasian University

We are happy to announce the Royal Mimasian University. It is an online education service which lets our citizens enroll in classes which are fruitful for the nation. There might be a few hiccups or bugs in the system now at the start. If you notice something – please contact us. Mimasian citizens who wishFortsätt läsa ”The Royal Mimasian University”

Immigration, property and VISAs

Information on immigration, property and VISA Immigration: We are delighted that people want to obtain citizenship in our small nation! It is very easy – just fill in the application form found on this website. Properties: We have no property inside our nation for sale. It is simply too crowded in our very small nation.Fortsätt läsa ”Immigration, property and VISAs”

The Archduke’s Hymn

The Royal Anthem – The Archduke’s Hymn Written and created by Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil, the song ”This is the hour” is part of the musical ”Miss Saigon”. In the musical the song is dedicated to communist regime taking control in Vietnam. The lyrics are however not bound to any political wing and is in Mimas solely a tokenFortsätt läsa ”The Archduke’s Hymn”