The vectorized logo of the IMCO

Today the Inter-Micronational Charity Organ celebrates it’s 6th month of existance.
To celebrate this the IMCO logo has been vectorized for everyone to see! The IMCO could this morning also present a donation to UNICEF focusing on their efforts helping children in Yemen.

7th grader help Mimas with logo

It is no secret that Mimas is working on launching a platform and council for inter-micronational charity. As the work entered the later stages it was time to seek a logo. First the plan was to have the Royal Awards Academy produce one, but the Minister-President Elect proposed to invite school students to help.

*This photo is not one of the actual drawings. Creative Commons.

Eight pictures was sent to Mimas and after careful consideration the winner was a picture featuring two persons ”having each other’s backs” as the young artist put it.

Now the Royal Awards Academy has taken the picture and is working on digitizing it for the logo.

The official name of the charity and aid council has not yet been revealed but the goal of the council is to channel micronational humanitarian efforts to help increase impact. It has been heavily inspired by the Swedish ”Radiohjälpen” which choose a new charity each year and channel its listeners donations to said charity.

For now, we wait with great excitement to see the logo!

Joint Statement from the MCPSU

Today, on March 1st, Mimas published an official statement together with the other members of the Micronational Conference on Plans to Support Ukraine. The statement is a strong condemnation of the Russian aggression and invasion of Ukraine.

The conference came to be on initiative from the House of Mithras, known in Mimas for their long standing relations with the Archduchy.

His Royal Highness Christoph II got the honorable task of drafting the statement and has worked closely with the other members to create a document that as many as possible could accept.

Known for his interest and knowledge after years of studies and work both within International Relations and as a teacher, the Archduke had this to say:

I am simply proud to have been part of it. There are many nations and individuals who have contributed greatly to this statement. I also want to reiterate that we are not done. The situation in Ukraine seems to only worsen, and our plans to help and aid within our abilities will continue.”

Minister-President Elect, Alfie Johnson, said after the publication:

This is proof of the unity that is achievable in the micro-community. I believe that Mimas is a force for good in this, and I am proud that so many could come together for the good of the people of Ukraine.”

Read the statement in full:

Mimas donates to Ukrainian Red Cross

The Royal Parliament has supported the donation of funds to the Ukrainian Red Cross. The Red Cross provides neutral and impartial support in relief assistance, helping refugees and providing protection for the civilian population among many other things.

The Red Cross is impartial, which means that they help any person in found in need. This was important in getting the broad support of the Royal Government.

Minister-President Elect

After intense negotiations the Mimasian Monarchist Party and the Despotic Front Party will be forming a coalition. Alfie Johnson will be the new Minister-President at Walpurgis Eve.


Among the many preparations and traditions surrounding the transfer of power, Alfie Johnson has been granted H.R.H’s the Archduke’s Medal and a portrait which will be showcased in parliament has been created. The portrait is also on display in the Chivalric Gallery.

Vishwamitran honors

Alongside Vishwamitra’s National Day celebrations, Vishwamitran officials announced several honors granted to His Royal Highness Christoph II:

  • National Service Medal for the year 2021
  • Order of the Sanghamitra

and Her Royal Highness Princess Mathilde:

  • Order of the First Ladies

The following statement was made public on Friday the 16th of April:

Relations such as the one between Mimas and Vishwamitra are rare to come by. Once again I am humbled by the graciousness of His Majesty Dhrubajyoti Roy, my Most Beloved Royal Cousin, ally and friend.” – Christoph II

Queensland bestows honours upon the Archduke

Relations are perhaps at an all time high as the Kingdom of Queensland bestowed several honours upon His Royal Highness Christoph II last Saturday.

His Royal Highness gave this statement last night:

”I am deeply honoured and I am at a loss for words when it comes to the graciousness shown towards me in this Queenslandian announcement. I direct my sincere thanks to the People of Queensland and to Their Majesties.”

The honours bestowed were:

  • Duke of Trelleborg
  • Knight Grand Cross with Collar of the Royal Family of Crown of Queensland
  • Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Queen Elizabeth II
  • Knight Grand Cross with Collar of the Order of the Three Builders of Queensland

Christoph II made Grand Commander of the Order of Mahabali Karthika Padaka

On the 23rd of January 2021, His Royal Highness Christoph II was made Grand Commander of the Order of Mahabali Karthika Padaka. It is one of the highest state decorations in the State of Vishwamitra. His Royal Highness who is Honorary General of the Army in Vishwamitra can now also title himself Grand Commander of the highest military order of the same.

Archduke Christoph II made Honorary General of the Army in Vishwamitra

On the very same day that the military appointments made in Queensland were made public another Letter Patent reached the Archducal Office. H.M Dhrubajyoti Roy of Vishwamitra announced that His Royal Highness Christoph II had been made Honorary General of the Army in the Armed Forces of Vishwamitra. His Royal Highness was quoted on the matter:

”Vishwamitra has in quite a short span of time turned out to be one of our most reliable friends and allies in the micronational sphere. I am proud being able to title my self Honorary General in such a reputable nation.”