Royal Parliament

Please read this short guide with extensive info on the Royal Parliament. In the PDF-file there are 2 charts that are worth a look as well:

The Royal Parliament of the Archduchy of Mimas

The current registered political parties:

The Mimasian Monarchist Party

The Mimasian Monarchist Party’s history is as long as the Archduchy itself. When forces worked towards the abolishment of the constitutional monarchy, this party took up the Royal Banners and fought for its survival. As of this day it is the largest party in the Parliament and has as of 2017 a majority of the seats in the Parliament.

The Monarchist Party is heavily invested in the Archducal influence and is working towards legislation which will ensure the nobility’s survival without eradicating the equal rights of all citizens.

The Mimasian Center Party

The Mimasian Center Party was created in opposition of the Monarchist Party’s reformation of governmental posts. The party is often close to the (MP) in ideology but has high focus on foreign affairs and the party is neutral in the matter of preserving the Archducal power. The MCP is currently working to abolish the fluctuating number of seats in parliament.

The Despotic Front Party

The Despotic Front Part was founded in 2020 and does not currently hold any seats in the Royal Parliament. The party is a so called ”big tent” party and welcomes many different views. Their main goal is to get more people into the political sphere of Mimas and enlight its citizens on the political process.


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