Diplomatic Relations with the Principality of NorAuthwik

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The Royal Governments last act in 2017 was to

open diplomatic relations with the Principality of NorAuthwik and their head of state Nathaniel von Hanover-Lausenburg. NorAuthwik share Mimas’ devotion to Human Rights and equal rights.

In honor of this event and as a gift, His Royal Highness Christoph II was created Duke of Normtuas in the Principality of NorAuthwik. This gracious gift was received with much joy at the Malmö Headquarters and His Royal Highness granted the Mimasian Duchy of Monte Malum to the co-regents of NorAuthwik.

”It is with great joy that we now declare that Mimas has finally established official relations with the Principality of NorAuthwik and it is Our deepest hope that our two nations will prosper together.” – HRH Archduke Christoph II




The Archducal Office

Publicerad av Royal Mimas

This is the official website of the Archduchy of Mimas.


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