And so the day has come.

I greet you all with the deepest of respect on this monumental day for Europe. Today the British people will cast there votes and decide if Great Britain should leave the European Union or not.

The Archduchy of Mimas is as you might know a friend of the European Union and we believe in the EU as the main guarantee for peace on the European continent. I would like to call the British people whistle-blowers, and I do believe that the EU must change. Nothing is perfect and nothing is static. The EU should strive towards a more refined democratic system with greater transparebn-mu122_zimmer_p_20160225161218ncy, this election is part of the evolution of EU.

However, if the British People would vote to leave the very union would be at risk and we will not see EU evolve but devolve. Open trade, security, peace, freedom of movement and international relations will all devolve on a continent that seem to have forgotten that not even 80 years ago these values were nothing but a dream.

The Scottish people are pro EU and the Scottish politicians has declared that the Scots will demand independence if Great Britain leaves the EU. So it would seem the outcome might rip both the EU and the UK apart.

Europe is tired of insecurity and conflict which it has centuries of. For all that she has given us, can we really not give her a century of stability and peace?


On behalf my government and my people I encourage all British people to vote REMAIN. Unknowingly it might be the most important vote for peace in our time.


HRH Archduke Christoph II of Mimas

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