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2023 St Thora Order

His Majesty King Mark Morley I of Robe has been awarded the prestigious Most Ancient Order of Sankt Thora for his distinguished work in promoting human rights and understanding. Established in 2015 by Archduke Christoph II of Mimas, the chivalric order recognizes outstanding individuals who have contributed to the service of human rights. The honour…


The vectorized logo of the IMCO Today the Inter-Micronational Charity Organ celebrates it’s 6th month of existance.To celebrate this the IMCO logo has been vectorized for everyone to see! The IMCO could this morning also present a donation to UNICEF focusing on their efforts helping children in Yemen.

7th grader help Mimas with logo

It is no secret that Mimas is working on launching a platform and council for inter-micronational charity. As the work entered the later stages it was time to seek a logo. First the plan was to have the Royal Awards Academy produce one, but the Minister-President Elect proposed to invite school students to help. Eight…