The Royal Government on the Swedish border control

The Royal Government officially denounce the border control between Sweden and Denmark.


During the governmental meeting on November 3rd, the Minister-President officially declared the Archduchy of Mimas’ stance towards the border control between Denmark and Sweden.

”The border control not only bring us 40 year back in time and slows down diplomatic and humanitarian progress, it is also a devastating blow for the Scanian economy and growth. It is the second largest economical region in Sweden and as such they deserve to get their voices heard. Is it acceptable that the region will have to pay 1.5 billion SEK in lost revenue all in all every year? We think not.”  – Lady Frerona, Minister-President

The Royal Government urge the people of Skåne and Mimas to remain calm and civil. The last few days over 40.000 people have raised their voiced in resentment towards the central power in Stockholm, blaming them for being totally blind and deaf when it comes to caring about the other regions in Sweden. As the Royal Government urge the people of Skåne to remain calm, the Royal Government also urge the politicians and people of Stockholm to show empathy in their actions.


Lady Frerona,


Publicerad av Royal Mimas

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