Mimas donates to Ukrainian Red Cross

The Royal Parliament has supported the donation of funds to the Ukrainian Red Cross. The Red Cross provides neutral and impartial support in relief assistance, helping refugees and providing protection for the civilian population among many other things. The Red Cross is impartial, which means that they help any person in found in need. ThisFortsätt läsa ”Mimas donates to Ukrainian Red Cross”

The Royal Government on the Swedish border control

The Royal Government officially denounce the border control between Sweden and Denmark. During the governmental meeting on November 3rd, the Minister-President officially declared the Archduchy of Mimas’ stance towards the border control between Denmark and Sweden. ”The border control not only bring us 40 year back in time and slows down diplomatic and humanitarian progress,Fortsätt läsa ”The Royal Government on the Swedish border control”


The Royal Parliament has voted and the result is as follows: (Click to enlarge) The ‘Ayes’ have it and from 15:00 today the Archduchy of Mimas hold terrestrial claims on the Bjäre peninsula in Sweden. The Valley of Sinarp and the Hawk District are from 15:00 today an official part of the Archduchy of MimasFortsätt läsa ”THE CLAIM VOTE – RESULTS”

!The High Council has announced Parliamentary Vote!

The High Council has announced Parliamentary Vote During the High Council meeting which just ended the Terrestrial Claims were discussed. The High Council decided that such great matters needs to be decided upon by the Royal Parliament. The Archduke has therefore, on request by the High Council, announced a vote within the next hour. AllFortsätt läsa ”!The High Council has announced Parliamentary Vote!”

To all and singular to whom these presents shall come,

His Royal Highness Archduke Christoph II hereby declare the Archduchy of Mimas resurrected. The Archduchy of Mimas was laid to rest after the most tragic events in the winter of 2010. With this document we officially claim the moon Mimas, also called Saturn 1, which is a satellite of Saturn. At the moment our citizensFortsätt läsa ”To all and singular to whom these presents shall come,”