The Mimasian Defense Force

The Mimasian Defense Force The Archduchy of Mimas takes pride in being a peaceful micronation. Therefore the main purpose of the Mimasian Defense Force is to brew and drink coffee. If a battle would be inevitable it will be fought inside computer games. This is the result of the law which states that: ”No MimasianFortsätt läsa ”The Mimasian Defense Force”


Currency For the first time ever we are able to present a first look at our currency – the Mimasian SERAF. The following banknote is not the finished product but very close. The National Bank will contract the Royal Mint for the production and estimates that the notes will be available this autumn.

Archducal Message from Xi’an

His Royal Highness Archduke Christoph II comments his travels and the situation in Greece. Good day. The royal company and I are currently in Xi’an, China. Our journey is most exciting and we see and learn new things everyday. Today we visited the Terracotta Army which impressed us with its size and incredible numbers. MostFortsätt läsa ”Archducal Message from Xi’an”

Message from the Marshal of the Realm

The Summer Itinerary It is my honour to for the first time officially announce HRH Archduke Christoph II’s Summer Itinerary. While HRH is abroad the Royal Parliament, the Government, the Minister-President and the Privy Council will not be in active duty (except for emergencies). It is therefore my duty to give all of you anFortsätt läsa ”Message from the Marshal of the Realm”

New Office – Marshal of the Realm

The Marshal of the Realm The Minister-President Lady Frerona, has today with the support of HRH the Archduke established the office of The Marshal of the Realm. The Marshal of the Realm is the head of the organization of the Royal Court. Press releases and many official statements fall upon the office as well. TheFortsätt läsa ”New Office – Marshal of the Realm”

Archducal Message – WWII 70 Years

Good day, Seventy years ago, the canons and guns could still be heard in Berlin. The next day they would be silenced. On the 7th of May 1945 Germany surrendered and at this moment 70 years ago Europe was celebrating. An easy answer to why this war started cannot be given. But ignorance, arrogance, aggressivity andFortsätt läsa ”Archducal Message – WWII 70 Years”


The Royal Parliament has voted and the result is as follows: (Click to enlarge) The ‘Ayes’ have it and from 15:00 today the Archduchy of Mimas hold terrestrial claims on the Bjäre peninsula in Sweden. The Valley of Sinarp and the Hawk District are from 15:00 today an official part of the Archduchy of MimasFortsätt läsa ”THE CLAIM VOTE – RESULTS”

!The High Council has announced Parliamentary Vote!

The High Council has announced Parliamentary Vote During the High Council meeting which just ended the Terrestrial Claims were discussed. The High Council decided that such great matters needs to be decided upon by the Royal Parliament. The Archduke has therefore, on request by the High Council, announced a vote within the next hour. AllFortsätt läsa ”!The High Council has announced Parliamentary Vote!”