Archducal Message from Xi’an


His Royal Highness Archduke Christoph II comments his travels and the situation in Greece.

Good day.

The royal company and I are currently in Xi’an, China. Our journey is most exciting and we see and learn new things everyday. Today we visited the Terracotta Army which impressed us with its size and incredible numbers.

Some of the terracotta soldiers. Picture taken by the Archduke.

Most western social media is banned in China. This explains the almost total radio silence from our side.

Even if it often seems to us that the world is paused when we are away, we do try to keep updated. On this note I wish to publicly declare the Archduchy’s official stand towards the crisis in Greece.

”We feel with the greek people. What has happened in Greece is the result of irresponsible financial affairs that have been allowed to exist for too long. We hope that the government of Greece will take their responsibility not only for the good of their country but for the good of Europe. Greece entered the European Union and as a member one can not act alone. We hope that Greece will start acting with their allied friends and stop walking the trail of a lonley wolf. We hope that all EU members can agree to truly unite this sunday at the top meeting.”

This concludes the Archducal message of the 8th of July 2015.

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