Archducal Message

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To my subjects, allies, friends and to the Micronational Community

The last days have been busy for our nation and I am proud to see my government work tirelessly as new tasks arise. The issue with our nation being called a ”Fantasy” nation is unsolved but our cause has catched the eyes of many.

The Coprieta Standard wrote an article about the issue and our cause, and with it our hope for recognition from Microwiki’s administrators rose.

We are not a rule breaking nation, we learn from those who have walked the same path. That is why we follow the administrators rules, but as we follow the rules we also fight them.

Some have told us ”Why do you care? It’s just a tiny label”. I cannot answer for all my subjects, but as Archduke I can only say this:

Fantasy is part of our imagination, everyone can create things out of fantasy – it is a beautiful thing that makes us human. And at times what you have created from your imagination, this fantasy of yours become reality. The Archduchy of Mimas was once just a thought, a wish from our founding fathers. Today their fantasy has come a long way. But how can I look my honorable subjects in the eyes and tell them they are fantasy? That their government and their territorial claims are nothing more than fantasy?

I simply can not.


HRH Archduke Christoph II,

with parliamentary support

Duke Larbro of Galilei

Marchioness Mattsson of Frerona

Baroness Jahob of Duhn

Publicerad av Royal Mimas

This is the official website of the Archduchy of Mimas.


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