Archducal Message – WWII 70 Years

Good day, Seventy years ago, the canons and guns could still be heard in Berlin. The next day they would be silenced. On the 7th of May 1945 Germany surrendered and at this moment 70 years ago Europe was celebrating. An easy answer to why this war started cannot be given. But ignorance, arrogance, aggressivity andFortsätt läsa ”Archducal Message – WWII 70 Years”

To all and singular to whom these presents shall come,

His Royal Highness Archduke Christoph II hereby declare the Archduchy of Mimas resurrected. The Archduchy of Mimas was laid to rest after the most tragic events in the winter of 2010. With this document we officially claim the moon Mimas, also called Saturn 1, which is a satellite of Saturn. At the moment our citizensFortsätt läsa ”To all and singular to whom these presents shall come,”