2023 St Thora Order

His Majesty King Mark Morley I of Robe has been awarded the prestigious Most Ancient Order of Sankt Thora for his distinguished work in promoting human rights and understanding.

The flag of Robe

Established in 2015 by Archduke Christoph II of Mimas, the chivalric order recognizes outstanding individuals who have contributed to the service of human rights. The honour is bestowed on an individual each year on the national day of the Archduchy of Mimas, which falls on 30th April.

The Seal of St Thora

The award citation for King Mark Morley I of Robe recognized his strong belief in equality and his work to promote human rights in tangible ways. From Robe’s advocacy for LGBT rights to their local agricultural project and ”Green July” initiative, His Majesty’s efforts towards promoting human rights have been widely recognized.

Admission to the Most Ancient Order of Sankt Thora remains at the discretion of the monarch, after taking suggestions from the knights of the order. Honoured individuals are entitled to use the styles of the order and post-nominal letters. The original letter patent and citation letter will be posted to His Majesty’s address within the coming weeks.

A sincere congratulations to His Majesty Mark Morley I on this prestigious occassion!

Publicerad av Royal Mimas

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