7th grader help Mimas with logo

It is no secret that Mimas is working on launching a platform and council for inter-micronational charity. As the work entered the later stages it was time to seek a logo. First the plan was to have the Royal Awards Academy produce one, but the Minister-President Elect proposed to invite school students to help.

*This photo is not one of the actual drawings. Creative Commons.

Eight pictures was sent to Mimas and after careful consideration the winner was a picture featuring two persons ”having each other’s backs” as the young artist put it.

Now the Royal Awards Academy has taken the picture and is working on digitizing it for the logo.

The official name of the charity and aid council has not yet been revealed but the goal of the council is to channel micronational humanitarian efforts to help increase impact. It has been heavily inspired by the Swedish ”Radiohjälpen” which choose a new charity each year and channel its listeners donations to said charity.

For now, we wait with great excitement to see the logo!

Publicerad av Royal Mimas

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