The Archduke’s Walpurgis Speech 2015
Archdukes Coat of ArmsFull

To all who receives this message, I greet thee.

It is with a feeling of great responsibility that I speak before you today. It is in this early hour of our existence that unity, bravery and understanding is crucial. I therefore ask of my citizens to show understanding and unity on this day of Walpurgis.

The history of Walpurgis or Valborg as it is called in Sweden is a long one. The act of gathering on this day to celebrate a new season and to welcome spring is an old ”heathen” act, which later became a christian one. The Archduchy of Mimas does not put any religious weight into this evening, for us this is our nation’s second birthday and we celebrate it with the burning of a bonfire.

I wish you all a happy Walpurgis Eve and I also wish to extend my warmest congratulations to HM King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden on his birthday.


HRH Archduke Christoph II



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