New Citizen for the North American Head Quarters

CoatOfArms Mimas

Are you a dedicated person with a thing for the unusual?

The Archduchy is currently looking

for a new citizen who will be in charge of the North American Exile HQ.

There has been an increase in activities at hours when the Main HQ in Sweden is off duty and we now need someone to be able to monitor the American sector.

This is a job at a micronational scale (nothing you do for a living) and apart from just a voluntary coworker, we also see in you a role citizen of the Archduchy of Mimas.

(No previous experience needed)

Send your application to

The Archduke’s Walpurgis Speech

Archdukes Coat of ArmsFull

To all who receives this message, I greet thee.

It is with a feeling of great responsibility that I speak before you today. It is in this early hour of our existence that unity, bravery and understanding is crucial. I therefore ask of my citizens to show understanding and unity on this day of Walpurgis.

The history of Walpurgis or Valborg as it is called in Sweden is a long one. The act of gathering on this day to celebrate a new season and to welcome spring is an old ”heathen” act, which later became a christian one. The Archduchy of Mimas does not put any religious weight into this evening, for us this is our nation’s second birthday and we celebrate it with the burning of a bonfire.

I wish you all a happy Walpurgis Eve and I also wish to extend my warmest congratulations to HM King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden on his birthday.


HRH Archduke Christoph II


Duke Larbro of Galilei’s Coat of Arms


HRH Archduke Christoph II

hereby officially present the Coat of Arms belonging to

the Duke of Galilei.

The shield consists of two fields. The left side is depicting the Duchy of Galilei’s Coat of Arms, while the right side is the Larbo dynasty’s family weapon.

The helmets are not traditional noble helmets but their ornaments are so grand that a burgher Coat of Arms would not bear them. The ducal coronet is also present as a show of rank.

The Duke is allowed to carry this Coat of Arms as his personal and use it on both private and official documents.


To all and singular to whom these presents shall come,


His Royal Highness Archduke Christoph II

hereby declare the Archduchy of Mimas resurrected. The Archduchy of Mimas was laid to rest after the most tragic events in the winter of 2010.

With this document we officially claim the moon Mimas, also called Saturn 1, which is a satellite of Saturn. At the moment our citizens are scattered all over earth but it is our intention to gather them in this community and prepare for our return to Mimas. Until that day we continue our operations from earth in exile, abiding to the laws of whatever country we might find ourselves in.

We declare our intention of terraforming Mimas and in the future inhabitate this future paradise.

We declare that humans of all origins are welcome.

Citizenship is granted to willing and promising citizens. The application forms will be released soon. Several governmental posts are vacant at this early stage.


H.R.H Archduke Christoph II