The Archduke’s Hymn


The Royal Anthem – The Archduke’s Hymn

Written and created by Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil, the song ”This is the hour” is part of the musical ”Miss Saigon”. In the musical the song is dedicated to communist regime taking control in Vietnam. The lyrics are however not bound to any political wing and is in Mimas solely a token of respect and appreciation to His Royal Highness the Archduke.

One Man to Heed Us

HRH. Archduke Christoph II has admired the work of Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil for a long time and now the Mimasian government honours their work by making ”This is the hour” the Royal Anthem.

You can listen to it here:

The lyrics:

This is the hour
This is our land
We found the power
In our brother’s hand
And from a storm
Pierced with light
Fierce and white
The lightning came
A bright’ning flame
To end the night

One man to heed us –
Each girl, each boy
One voice to lead us
In a song of joy

This is the hour
This is our land

The Mimasian Defense Force


The Mimasian Defense Force

The Archduchy of Mimas takes pride in being a peaceful micronation. Therefore the main purpose of the Mimasian Defense Force is to brew and drink coffee.

If a battle would be inevitable it will be fought inside computer games. This is the result of the law which states that: ”No Mimasian citizen shall never be ordered to kill or hurt another human being. If such order would be received from a superior officer the soldier have the full right to leave the army without repercussion”.

Being a part of the coffee making Mimasian Defense Force is compulsory for at least one year.

The Archduchy of Mimas is a gender equal nation and all citizens enter the Defense Force on the same grounds. All current citizens have received the rank of Sergeant Coffee Maker.


HRH Archduke Christoph II

General of the Defense Force


2LesserCoat of Arms


For the first time ever we are able to present a first look at our currency – the Mimasian SERAF.

The following banknote is not the finished product but very close.


The National Bank will contract the Royal Mint for the production and estimates that the notes will be available this autumn.

Archducal Message from Xi’an


His Royal Highness Archduke Christoph II comments his travels and the situation in Greece.

Good day.

The royal company and I are currently in Xi’an, China. Our journey is most exciting and we see and learn new things everyday. Today we visited the Terracotta Army which impressed us with its size and incredible numbers.

Some of the terracotta soldiers. Picture taken by the Archduke.

Most western social media is banned in China. This explains the almost total radio silence from our side.

Even if it often seems to us that the world is paused when we are away, we do try to keep updated. On this note I wish to publicly declare the Archduchy’s official stand towards the crisis in Greece.

”We feel with the greek people. What has happened in Greece is the result of irresponsible financial affairs that have been allowed to exist for too long. We hope that the government of Greece will take their responsibility not only for the good of their country but for the good of Europe. Greece entered the European Union and as a member one can not act alone. We hope that Greece will start acting with their allied friends and stop walking the trail of a lonley wolf. We hope that all EU members can agree to truly unite this sunday at the top meeting.”

This concludes the Archducal message of the 8th of July 2015.

Lord High Chamberlain



We are delighted to announce that the office of Lord High Chamberlain has been founded.

The Lord High Chamberlain is the royal Keeper of Keys and it is his duty to make sure that the Archducal residence is functional and protected. The Lord High Chamberlain is the only one outside the Royal Family who hold keys to the private rooms of the Archduke.

The first ever Lord High Chamberlain in the Archduchy of Mimas is:

His Lordship Count Andersson of Warf

Message from the Marshal of the Realm

Marskalkämbetets Logo

The Summer Itinerary

It is my honour to for the first time officially announce HRH Archduke Christoph II’s Summer Itinerary. While HRH is abroad the Royal Parliament, the Government, the Minister-President and the Privy Council will not be in active duty (except for emergencies). It is therefore my duty to give all of you an early update on the length of HRH Summer Journeys.

Please note that this itinerary is only preliminary and will most likely change during the coming days, weeks and months.

  • June 13th – Leaves the Malmo HQ for Russia
  • June 21st – Arrives in Ulaanbaatar
  • June 26th – Arrives in Beijing
  • July 29th – Arrives in Copenhagen
  • July 30th – Arrives at his summer retreat in the Hawk District of Mimas
  • August 5th – All governmental and royal offices are taken into active duty again

As you might have calculated this means that it is only just above two weeks until the governmental services will be closed for the summer holiday. If you need to contact the Archduchy please do so as soon as possible.

All messages received during the summer holidays will most probably not be answered until August. The Office of the Marshal of the Realm, the Office of the Minister-President and HRH the Archduke will still operate the Twitter account but not as frequent.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask them on Twitter, in the comment section below or at our Email:

New Office – Marshal of the Realm

Marskalkämbetets Logo

The Marshal of the Realm

The Minister-President Lady Frerona, has today with the support of HRH the Archduke

established the office of The Marshal of the Realm. The Marshal of the Realm is the head of the organization of the Royal Court. Press releases and many official statements fall upon the office as well.

The first ever Marshal of the Realm is:

Countess Jahob of Duhn – Lady Duhn

Archducal Message – WWII 70 Years

Archdukes Coat of ArmsFull

Good day,

Seventy years ago, the canons and guns could still be heard in Berlin. The next day they would be silenced.

On the 7th of May 1945 Germany surrendered and at this moment 70 years ago Europe was celebrating. An easy answer to why this war started cannot be given. But ignorance, arrogance, aggressivity and pride were some of the factors. It feels strange to think that pride and an idea of what is right can lead to millions of peoples death. To think that humanity is prepared to kill millions of its own kind.

When my great grandfather was still alive I was shown a front page of an old newspaper. It had a large picture: it was night, an artillery cannon fired towards a burning town. My great grandfather pointed at the young man at the cannon and said ”That’s me right there”. He was later in life never one who talked about how every young man needed military service – he had seen what war did with humans and he had seen its horrors. Today I can only feel blessed that I do not need to go to war, or call my people to war. It is my greatest wish that my children and their children never gets decorated for acts done in battle – that they will not experience war.

Because of this wish of mine, this day is so important. We can never let such a war happen again. No matter what your political direction might be it is impossible to ignore the importance of the European Union and the keeping of peace in Europe.

Nationalism can taste lovely, but if you drink too much your judgement might be clouded and your vision not so clear. It is my belief that nationalism should not govern nations – humanism and understanding should.

Finally, I would like to wish you all a peaceful day and please send a thought to those who are not as lucky and not living in peace.


HRH Archduke Christoph II

Archducal Message

Archdukes Coat of ArmsFull

To my subjects, allies, friends and to the Micronational Community

The last days have been busy for our nation and I am proud to see my government work tirelessly as new tasks arise. The issue with our nation being called a ”Fantasy” nation is unsolved but our cause has catched the eyes of many.

The Coprieta Standard wrote an article about the issue and our cause, and with it our hope for recognition from Microwiki’s administrators rose.

We are not a rule breaking nation, we learn from those who have walked the same path. That is why we follow the administrators rules, but as we follow the rules we also fight them.

Some have told us ”Why do you care? It’s just a tiny label”. I cannot answer for all my subjects, but as Archduke I can only say this:

Fantasy is part of our imagination, everyone can create things out of fantasy – it is a beautiful thing that makes us human. And at times what you have created from your imagination, this fantasy of yours become reality. The Archduchy of Mimas was once just a thought, a wish from our founding fathers. Today their fantasy has come a long way. But how can I look my honorable subjects in the eyes and tell them they are fantasy? That their government and their territorial claims are nothing more than fantasy?

I simply can not.


HRH Archduke Christoph II,

with parliamentary support

Duke Larbro of Galilei

Marchioness Mattsson of Frerona

Baroness Jahob of Duhn



The Royal Parliament has voted and the result is as follows:

(Click to enlarge)


The ‘Ayes’ have it and from 15:00 today the Archduchy of Mimas hold terrestrial claims on the Bjäre peninsula in Sweden. The Valley of Sinarp and the Hawk District are from 15:00 today an official part of the Archduchy of Mimas and falls under its already proclaimed sovereignty.

Population in the both districts: 8.