Statement regarding the US presidential election

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To all a good morning,

I received the information about the outcome in the presidential election in the United States of America early this morning. As you might have known my government, parliament and I were not in favor of Mr. Trump’s candidacy. It grieves me that the global community once again receives a devastating blow. The year of 2016 has truly been a dark year, full of repeating history and irrational choices.

Now is the time for firm leadership built on humanity and compassion. We hope and pray for the president elect to now change his former radical and populist statements that has put the world on edge. It is not for nothing that the stock markets around the globe are plummeting, that leaders say they are ”concerned” and that nations actually fears the seemingly arbitrary elected leader of the United States of America.

Fear WILL NOT rule our world, and I will on behalf of the Mimasian people continue the strive for a better tomorrow – even at days when the future seems dark and lost.



His Royal Highness

Archduke Christoph II

The Royal Government on the Swedish border control

The Royal Government officially denounce the border control between Sweden and Denmark.


During the governmental meeting on November 3rd, the Minister-President officially declared the Archduchy of Mimas’ stance towards the border control between Denmark and Sweden.

”The border control not only bring us 40 year back in time and slows down diplomatic and humanitarian progress, it is also a devastating blow for the Scanian economy and growth. It is the second largest economical region in Sweden and as such they deserve to get their voices heard. Is it acceptable that the region will have to pay 1.5 billion SEK in lost revenue all in all every year? We think not.”  – Lady Frerona, Minister-President

The Royal Government urge the people of Skåne and Mimas to remain calm and civil. The last few days over 40.000 people have raised their voiced in resentment towards the central power in Stockholm, blaming them for being totally blind and deaf when it comes to caring about the other regions in Sweden. As the Royal Government urge the people of Skåne to remain calm, the Royal Government also urge the politicians and people of Stockholm to show empathy in their actions.


Lady Frerona,


We mourn H.M King Rama IX

It was with great sorrow

we received the message of King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s passing. We remember him for his calming position in a nation that has moved close to the brink of chaos more than once. The people of Thailand mourn their beloved king and his death will undoubtedly leave a hole in the spirit of Thailand for quite some time.king_bhumibol_adulyadej_portrait_photograph

It is our most sincere wish that this hole in the nation’s spirit will not be filled with irrational decisions or hatred. King Bhumibol was perhaps not democracy’s greatest champion but he knew right from wrong and acted when inhumanity and hatred got the upper hand. For this we remember him and his successor should honor King Bhumibol’s memory by working hard for peace and stability.

HRH Archduke Christoph II


And so the day has come.

I greet you all with the deepest of respect on this monumental day for Europe. Today the British people will cast there votes and decide if Great Britain should leave the European Union or not.

The Archduchy of Mimas is as you might know a friend of the European Union and we believe in the EU as the main guarantee for peace on the European continent. I would like to call the British people whistle-blowers, and I do believe that the EU must change. Nothing is perfect and nothing is static. The EU should strive towards a more refined democratic system with greater transparebn-mu122_zimmer_p_20160225161218ncy, this election is part of the evolution of EU.

However, if the British People would vote to leave the very union would be at risk and we will not see EU evolve but devolve. Open trade, security, peace, freedom of movement and international relations will all devolve on a continent that seem to have forgotten that not even 80 years ago these values were nothing but a dream.

The Scottish people are pro EU and the Scottish politicians has declared that the Scots will demand independence if Great Britain leaves the EU. So it would seem the outcome might rip both the EU and the UK apart.

Europe is tired of insecurity and conflict which it has centuries of. For all that she has given us, can we really not give her a century of stability and peace?


On behalf my government and my people I encourage all British people to vote REMAIN. Unknowingly it might be the most important vote for peace in our time.


HRH Archduke Christoph II of Mimas

St Thora 2015 Laureate


St Thora 2015 Laureate is…


H.E First Consul Clém Sanders of the Consulat of Surland


He is now a knight of the St. Thora Order and will be part of the Board of Knights which elects future laureates and creates legislation on Human Rights.

The full documents:




His Royal Highness Archduke Christoph II

The Archduke’s Speech 2015-11-03

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In wishing you all ‘good evening’ I feel that I am speaking to close friends and family. Such is the role as Head of State – family with all of you.

As you might know I have dedicated what power I might have to make our nation a more open minded nation. A nation where gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual preferences do not matter. Instead I want to believe that what truly matters is our humanity and compassion. I am very pleased that my government and the Minister-President share my views in this matter.

However, I am not pleased with what I hear and see among some of my subjects and among many of our Swedish neighbors.  Fear of the unknown has given birth to hatred and misunderstandings. I am, as you know, an educated historian and it fills my heart with sorrow to see patterns from dark times repeat themselves in our time. We have lost the capability of critical thinking, the capability of empathy and perhaps even the capability of loving.

The Archduchy of Mimas is a secular state. But the Archducal office remains Lutheran as it has always been. And even if our nation is a secular one I believe we can learn many things from religion. Religion is living history, and history is the most vital knowledge in the making of a better future. So let us not forget our history. Let us not be the ones who stand quietly watching as our society sink into oblivion. We are the ones who have to carry the legacy of those who came before us. Let us give our children and they who will come after us a legacy worth having.

Be more critical when you gather information, be more open to the unknown, be the explorer and the one who carries hope. This is my request to all of you. It is not an easy one, but I believe it is doable.

In order to honor those who stand up for humanity and compassion, I have created the St. Thora Prize and the St. Thora Order.

Thora sigill

The Prize is handed out once a year, and is awarded to people inside or outside the mirconational community who has been a force of humanism and understanding. The St. Thora Order will be awarded to Heads of States and Mimasian citizens who work towards a better future in line with the ideas of humanism and compassion. I will invite other micronations to the Order and together we will make a change on our scale.

And so I wish you all a good evening and enjoy the your food. Thank you.

His Royal Highness Archduke Christoph II of Mimas

The Royal Mimasian University

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We are happy to announce the Royal Mimasian University.

It is an online education service which lets our citizens enroll in classes which are fruitful for the nation. There might be a few hiccups or bugs in the system now at the start. If you notice something – please contact us.

Mimasian citizens who wish to enroll for a course:

Please follow these instructions to join [Mimasian_Teach’s Website]:

  1. Go to
    • If you are already a member of, please login and go to step 2
    • If not a member, select sign up on top
    • Create login information, and press [continue]
    • Complete your profile, and press [save]
  2. From top menu select my home, and from side menu select join me
  3. Enter the following:
    • Access Code : 185996
The code for enrolling in the class is: MGS0101
When you have done the above you will be able to join our classes. At the moment only 1 class is available. 

Immigration, property and VISAs

Symbols of Mimas

Information on immigration, property and VISA


We are delighted that people want to obtain citizenship in our small nation! It is very easy – just fill in the application form found on this website.


We have no property inside our nation for sale. It is simply too crowded in our very small nation. But, to handle this problem we are encouraging citizens to contact us and discuss a possible incorporation of  said citizen’s property.


The Archduchy of Mimas is subordinate to the EU and Swedish rules when it comes to VISA. If you are allowed entry to Sweden – you are allowed entry to Mimas. However if you are planning on visiting Mimas you will need an entry permit which can be applied for at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For questions, applications etc. on this matter contact: